Final Fantasy XIV To Get New Set of Trophies When Launching on PS5

A new report states that there will be a big change to video game Final Fantasy XIV when it launches on the PlayStation 5 tomorrow.

final fantasy xiv

According to Exophase and TrueTrophies, FFXIV will be getting a new set of trophies when it launches on the PS5 tomorrow. When it goes on open beta on the new-gen console on April 13, Square Enix will be adding a little bonus for the fans. This will come with patch 5.5.

The website suggests that the game will have 91 achievable awards on PS5. There will be Bronze trophies for clearing the narrative and Silver trophies for anyone leveling classes to particular milestones.

The base game will offer 53 trophies with a Platinum trophy by completing everything. There are also 38 trophies for all three DLC packs.

Both websites clarified that the PS4 and PS5 versions of the trophies are different. This will be a great chance for trophy hunters and those who want to try the game out on PS5.

Final Fantasy XIV is coming to PS5 in open beta tomorrow, April 13.