Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory Release Date Announced

Details about what was shown on the latest LIVE broadcast are all here!

Square Enix has recently announced the Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 Buried Memory release date with a new trailer.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Buried Memory Release Date

Patch 6.2, Buried Memory, will launch on August 23, 2022, according to Square Enix in a recent announcement. It was revealed during the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE broadcast presented by Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida. The news also came with a new trailer and details about the latest chapter.

Island Sanctuary Demo

Yoshida gave a demonstration of Island Sanctuary, which is a casual solo content that allows players to build and customize their own personal farm on a deserted island. They can gather materials, build facilities, tend to creatures, and more. You do not even need crafting or gathering experience to do these things.

More details about Patch 6.2 were discussed by Yoshida during the broadcast like PvP updates, Pandæmonium: Abyssos, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 Buried Memory


Here is an overview of those details:

New Main Scenario Quests – The epic story continues in this latest chapter.

·  New Side Story Quests – Experience the continuation of Tataru’s Grand Endeavor.

·  New Dungeon – New challenges await in the Fell Court of Troia.

·  New Trial – Band together with other players in a new trial with Normal and Extreme difficulties.

·  New 8-Player Raid – Pandæmonium: Abyssos will be available in both Normal and Savage difficulties to challenge the most seasoned players. The Savage difficulty raid is planned for release one week following the launch of Patch 6.2.

·  New Unreal Trial – Battle against Sephirot in Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal).

·  PvP Updates – PvP Series 2 and Crystalline Conflict Season 3 will begin with the release of Patch 6.2. Hidden Gorge will also resume, along with adjustments to PvP actions and the Crystalline Conflict ranked matching system.

·  Continued Improvements to the Main Scenario:

  • The Duty Support feature will be expanded to include main scenario dungeons from the 2.x series to 3.0 (Snowcloak, The Keeper of the Lake, Sohm Al, The Aery and The Vault).
  • The Steps of Faith trial will be reworked into a solo quest battle.
  • The Thornmarch trial will be revamped.

·  Miscellaneous Updates – Additional content including, updates to adventurer plates and portraits, glamour dresser capacity expansion from 400 to 800 slots, and more.

Upcoming Content on Patch 6.25

Details about Patch 6.25 were shared, which will launch at a later date:

  • New Side Story Quests – Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures continue in Patch 6.25.
  • New Weapon Enhancement Quests – Players can obtain and enhance Manderville Weapons throughout the Patch 6.x series, which will begin in the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures questline.
  • New Tribal Quests: Omicron – New daily quests for Disciples of the Land.
  • New “Variant Dungeons” Battle Content – Players can enjoy this new variable-difficulty dungeon content—beginning with the Sil’dihn Subterrane—designed for between 1-4 players, with the difficulty of enemies scaling depending on party size. Dungeons will feature branching routes, which change depending on player action within the dungeon.
  • New “Another Path: Criterion Dungeons” Battle Content – High difficulty four-player content, which features a distinct structure and enemies of the Variant Dungeons, but will have a set route. Criterion dungeons will feature two options of difficulties, each with their own unique set of rules and characteristics.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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