Final Fantasy XIV: StormBlood Expansion Announced

Early today during the Final Fantasy XIV fan fest event the new expansion for FFXIV, StormBlood got announced and along with the announcement came a teaser trailer for it.

The new expansion will come with new story missions, the level cap from 60 is now at 70, new jobs which have yet to be announced along with new areas and residential places for players. The starting zone for StormBlood is called Rhalger’s Reach.

For the release of StormBlood, the game will be overhauling the skill system due to concerns that the one currently in place doesn’t work well for higher end characters. Since they are changing the skill system they are also going to be changing the skill sets. So for example if a skill for a paladin that would make him be a tank is now under a tank category instead of a paladin category. Other updates to be made, are new Primals, and an “extreme” item expansion. Square Enix has also announced that it will stop supporting FFXIV on the PS3 when StormBlood is set to release. Square Enix will be offering a free upgrade to the PS4 for existing PS3 users.
The game will be getting small patches up into the launch of StormBlood in the early summer of 2017.