Final Fantasy XIV Will Not Do In-Game House Demolition During COVID-19 Pandemic

Final Fantasy XIV players rejoice! If you have no plans to go outside due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have a hard time procuring load for the game, you do not have to worry about your houses in-game.

Final Fantasy XIV suspends in-game house demolition

FFXIV has this in-game automatic system that demolishes in-game houses if the player does not log in for a while due to no load for the subscription. This is what usually happens in a normal time, but this is a different one due to the pandemic. Game company Square Enix has given a chance to their players and has suspended this mechanic temporarily.

The statement from the gaming company states that it has taken account of the world-wide spread of the COVID-19 and the economic effects of different cities around the world going into lock-down. This is the reason why they have temporarily suspended the mechanic. The company did not specify when the suspension will last, but it is assumed that it will come to an end when lockdowns around the world are lifted.

Good guys Square Enix team.

Thanks VG247. Source: Official Website

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