Final Fantasy XV now has A Cartoon Parody!

Final Fantasy XV is just one installment in the universally acclaimed Final Fantasy series, yet it now has so many different mediums it’s basically a franchise on its own. It has an anime, a CG feature film, a VR game, 2 mobile games, a side-scrolling brawler game, and now a cartoon parody courtesy of Matthew Shezmen.


Here you go:

The parody has a lot of things going for it, from advertisements of the DLC’s and Noodles to cameos from other RPGs, other franchises, and a beloved operating system background. I also liked how the youtuber added the side characters like the photographer guy and video game’s number 1 photobomber. Aside from the voice acting, I’m not sure if Mr. Shezmen did it himself but he has outdone himself with this 22 minute video.


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