Final Fantasy XVI Fanning Embers Quest Guide

This guide goes through the events of the Fanning Embers quest in Final Fantasy 16 and and share some pointers along the way.

Final Fantasy XVI Fanning Embers cover

Fanning Embers is one of Act 1’s main quests in Final Fantasy 16. Clive and Cid venture into The Greatwood to follow the lead that the Dominant of Fire has been spotted in the village of Lostwing.

Read ahead as we go through the events of the Fanning Embers quest in Final Fantasy 16 and share some pointers that are important to the quest.

FF16 Fanning Embers Walkthrough

You’ll start off in the dense forest of The Greatwood. The path ahead is linear, and you will encounter hostile beasts along the way. Along with Clive are Cid, who is guiding you through the forest, and Torgal, who will now accompany you through your journey.

Fanning Embers Objectives

  • Escape the Greatwood alive
  • Fafnir of the North Boss Fight
  • Find the road north
  • Midnight Raven Boss Fight
  • Cross into Orabelle Downs

Escape the Greatwood alive

Escape the Greatwood alive - FF16 Fanning Embers Walkthrough

The first beasts that you’ll fight against are the Worgen. They hunt in packs and drop bloody hides and Gil when defeated.

After defeating the Worgen and reaching the next area, you will see a large, spiky lizard chasing down the wolves. You won’t fight it for now, so carry on towards the path ahead, where you will encounter the Vampire Thorns. They’re not much of a threat, so clear them out and pick up the magicked ash they drop.

Continuing onward, a Dragon Aevis, will fly down and block your path. Defeat it, and you will get some dragon talon and sharp fangs.

Keep following Cid until you end up at a dead end. Torgal will then call your attention, and you will have a quick tutorial about Animal Instinct. You can use Torgal to help you find the path ahead if you ever find yourself stuck. In this case, squeeze through the gap in the rocks. You will be fighting another group of enemies in the next area; clear them out and continue down the next gap.

Fafnir of the North Boss Fight

Fafnir of the North Boss Fight - FF16 Fanning Embers Walkthrough

You will arrive at a clearing where you will encounter Fafnir, the huge, spiky lizard you saw earlier. Most of its basic attacks are done with its front limbs, so keep an eye out when it raises its limbs and dodge accordingly. One attack to look out for is its ball attack, where it raises its tail, jumps into the air, curls up into a ball, and slams down on your position.

It also has another attack called Spin Cycle, where it curls into a ball and rolls around the arena. It ends the attack with a body slam that can knock you back if you’re close. After defeating Fafnir, you will be rewarded with gnarled scales and wyrrite.

Find the road north

Find the road north - FF16 Fanning Embers Walkthrough

Continue heading through the path in the forest, where you will encounter hornets. Destroying them will make them drop their sharp fangs. Keep following the path until you arrive at a river. Follow the river upstream while defeating enemies along the way. You will then arrive at another clearing, where you will encounter human enemies.

Midnight Raven Boss Fight

Midnight Raven Boss Fight - FF16 Fanning Embers Walkthrough

You will be fighting against the Midnight Raven and some of his men. You can easily defeat the two adds first so that you can focus on the boss.

The Midnight Raven uses two daggers and can move swiftly while spinning around to attack. Bombard it with attacks to stagger him quickly and keep him on the ground. Once you reach 60% of his health, he will jump up and trigger a cinematic clash. During a clash, mash your square button to push the enemy back.

After winning the clash, the Midnight Raven backs away and disappears, then reappears to attack you from behind. Prepare to mash your button again to clash and stop his stab.

On the second phase of the fight, the Midnight Raven will then start using his elemental skills:

  • Raiton – Spots appear on the ground where lightning will hit.
  • Katon – Midnight Raven breathes out fire from his mouth.

Pay attention to the visual cues and the skill callout to avoid getting hit. Once the enemy’s health is around 10%, another clash will be triggered. This time, you will have to win against three clashes in order to do the killing blow. Once done, you will be rewarded with the Badge of Might, some steelsilk, and a meteorite.

Cross into Orabelle Downs

Cross into Orabelle Downs - FF16 Fanning Embers Walkthrough

After the fight, the map will be updated with a new location called Orabelle Downs. Go to the location, and you will get a quick tutorial about obelisks, which serve as fast travel points within a region. The current quest will also be completed, and you will immediately proceed to the next quest.