Final Fantasy XVI Gains New Sales Milestone on Launch

Congrats Square Enix!

Square Enix has recently revealed the total sales of Final Fantasy XVI at launch.

Final Fantasy XVI Launch Positively Welcomed

It has been a week now since the launch of Final Fantasy XVI and the reactions from the fans and critics are mostly positive. Only a few harsh critics have given the game average scores. Sales are quite good since launch, but it seems it could not compete with its predecessor.

Could Barely Compete with Predecessor

According to Square Enix, Final Fantasy XVI has managed to ship and digitally sell roughly 3 million copies in less than a week since launch. While sales have been strong, it could not quite match its predecessor, Final Fantasy VII Remake, which managed around 3.5 million copies in 10 days. It launched on PS4, which had a larger installed base. FFXVI has had lower sales since it launched on PS5 which has less installed base.

Another predecessor, Final Fantasy XV, still remains the fastest-selling FF game with 5 million sales way back in November 2016. It did launch on multiple platforms so that helped out with the big sales.

Exclusivity Lessened Sales

Its exclusivity might have tightened the sales number instead of blowing it up. If it was available on other platforms on launch, the sales would have been larger since its marketing was quite good. Not everyone could get a PS5 console, so these sales numbers could only depend to players who own a PS5 console.

Our resident reviewer has scored this game with 9/10 saying, “Final Fantasy XVI may offer daring adjustments, but it is in this spirit of creativity that the genre flourishes. The game is not perfect, yet Naoki Yoshida, the game’s director, held faithful to his promise to deliver a compelling experience and bring Final Fantasy back to the must-have games again.”

Final Fantasy XVI is now available exclusively on PS5.