Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay Videos Feature Clive and Ifrit Fights

See Clive in action!

Final Fantasy XVI Launch

Two new Final Fantasy XVI gameplay videos featuring Clive and Ifrit’s fights have been released.

Since the Final Fantasy XVI launch is near, Square Enix has been releasing new videos and details about the game on its official Japanese Twitter account. These short clips focus on gameplay of certain characters. Two of these videos feature Clive and Ifrit fighting opponents on a battlefield.

The first video features Clive fighting against a Salamander, a lizard type of creature in FFXVI. It starts with Clive firing a Megaflare attack right away following a quick Zantetsuken attack that easily defeated the Salamander. The clip was short, but it shows how powerful Clive can be with his various abilities learned in combat.

In another clip, Ifrit fights against the Eikon Titan. In this form, Ifrit uses Precision Dodge to avoid Titan’s special attack and then counters it easily. He then uses a Fireball Burst and connects it with another attack. It ends with the Pyrosault attack, but we did not get to see how it all ends.

There should be more clips getting uploaded on the Twitter account in the coming days.

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Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.