Final Fantasy XVI New Game + Unlocks Crazy Difficulty Option

You want a crazy challenge? This difficulty option is for you!

Final Fantasy XVI Launch

Square Enix has recently revealed that Final Fantasy XVI has a New Game + mode with an increased difficulty option that will keep players busy for a long time.

New Game + is a feature many Final Fantasy titles and other great JRPGs have introduced for a long time. It allows players to retain abilities, money, weapons, armor, and resources after completing the game and bring it to their new game playthrough. It is a perk for fans who have finished the game and let them enjoy a more powerful team when playing the whole game again. In Final Fantasy XVI, it is no different because it has the same feature, but has an interesting caveat.

According to Game Informer, the game will have a mode called Final Fantasy Mode, an exclusive difficulty option that will be unlocked in New Game +. It increases the game’s difficulty, changes monster placement, and remixes which enemies might appear in combat. While the items players bring back to this new game playthough would help, a sudden increase in difficulty spike might keep them busy for a long time.

To clarify, Final Fantasy Mode is an option and not mandatory. Players can still go through a new game + playthrough with default difficulty, but if they want a real challenge, this would be the option to choose.

“The main design philosophy is that the first playthrough is about learning Clive, learning the controls, and then enjoying the story,” explains Combat Director Ryota Suzuki in an interview. “The second playthrough, we want to shift that focus – because the story hasn’t changed – to the action.

“Basically, what we’ve done with [Final Fantasy] Mode is give players controlling Clive the sense that they’re always in danger, that death is around the corner, and that you’ll need to really, really pay attention to be able to clear the content.”

This will be best for hardcore fans who want bragging rights for completing the game in this extreme mode. Good luck.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.