Final Fantasy XVI Not Open World But Has Massive Areas to Explore

Once unlocked, these massive areas can be explored again.

Square Enix’s upcoming and most awaited video game Final Fantasy XVI is coming in a few months so new details have been trickling down online. One of the most awaited pieces of information that fans have been wanting to know about is the game’s world and the guys behind development have something to tell.

According to the latest Play UK magazine issue (Play UK Issue 26 May 2023), Director Hiroshi Takai revealed that the world of Final Fantasy XVI, Valisthea, is not an open world. This has been known in previous announcements and gameplay showcases, but more information was shared today. He said that the game world has some massive areas to explore. “We have, I think, four zones that are about two kilometers by two kilometers,” he revealed.

Producer Naoki Yoshida said the game’s structure is comparable to previous Final Fantasy entries like X and XII. The game has a world map that has areas that the protagonist Clive can travel to. When a player selects that area, they can just jump to that area seamlessly. They can then complete an objective there for the main quest and then go back to the hub area called The Hideaway.

Yoshida revealed that when players unlock a place via the story or a certain mission, it will be available to visit at any time. These places might open new side-quest to tackle on after completing an objective on the main quest. There are also other things to do aside from side-quests like exploration, hunting, looking for certain items, and more.

While it is a bummer that Valisthea is not an open world, having the ability to go back to ALL areas visited is a big plus for fans of Final Fantasy.

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Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.