Final Fantasy XVI Open-World Would Take a Lot of Time to Develop

It would take more than 10 years.

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Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed the reason for not making the game an open-world.

Yoshida recently spoke in an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu via VGC talking about the upcoming title. He explained the reason for not making it an open-world title as it would have taken it a bit too far.

“When I played the first Final Fantasy, I thought ‘this is a movie-like gaming experience’,” he said.

“The production, the dialogue timing, the drama, the sound—they all combined to create the greatest gaming experience possible. Once a Chocobo or Moogle was included, I thought it was already a Final Fantasy experience. That game experience must be felt in Final Fantasy XVI as well.

“Additionally, it is necessary to understand the overall outline of the game design by taking into account the strengths of the team itself. When thinking about it, I thought, ‘I believe an open world would not fit for what we are planning now.’”

Yoshida then shared the main aims for the project. He said that the game should have a story of a hero that will save the world since this is a Final Fantasy game. He also wants the summon to go wild and destroy the map. He also wants this game to launch as possible and unlike Final Fantasy VII Remake, he does not want it to be released in parts.

If the team were to opt to make the game as an open world title, it would take them about 15 years to do. He does point out that it is practically impossible to ask for everything.

“I thought that the development team would be worried about this. Delivering what we believe is the best story, in an experience that blends together games and movies, does not require an open world.”

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Final Fantasy XVI launches in Summer 2023 for PS5.