Final Fantasy XVI and Silent Hill 2 Remake Not Coming to Xbox

Sony allegedly made deals to bar games in entering Xbox consoles.

final fantasy xvi

Microsoft has recently claimed that Final Fantasy XVI and Silent Hill 2 Remake will not be coming to Xbox consoles.

According to part of Microsoft’s response to the FTC’s lawsuit, some upcoming titles and newly released third-party games like Final Fantasy XVI, Bloodborne, and more are staying only on Xbox consoles. It claims Sony has entered into arrangements with third-party publishers that require them to exclude other platforms like Xbox.

Interestingly enough, the alleged statement includes Silent Hill 2 Remake. Many assumed that there will be a 12-month console exclusivity feature but there seems to be more complicated. The “twist” just got more twisted.

While these statements come from both sides during court hearings, both companies have not made any official public statements to confirm any of these. We will just have to wait and see.