Final Fantasy XVI State of Play Video Reveals More Gameplay Mechanics

Glorious battles with legendary Eikons!

Square Enix finally reveals more details with the newest Final Fantasy XVI State of Play video today featuring party combat, mechanics, and colossal battles with new Eikons.

Final Fantasy XVI State of Play Video Detailing Clive’s Hideout

There were several highlights from the Final Fantasy XVI State of Play video and first up is Clive’s Hideout, which serves as the base camp throughout the whole game. He can prepare for upcoming battles by crafting items with gathered materials or tackling training modes.

Hunt Board Featuring Moogle!

The central hub also has a lot of side quests for Clive to complete including Mob Hunts that will let him fight stronger enemies. Mob Hunts can be accepted from the Hunt Board where they will find a familiar face, a Moogle.

Know Your Lore

An NPC called Loresman Harpocrates will appear in the Hideout who is essential in the game. He studies the history and customs of Valisthea, researching the local climate, folklore, religion, and traditions. Share Clive’s stories with him so he could gain new knowledge as a researcher. His Thousand Tomes will keep all the records of Clive’s adventures and knowledge there. Players can read up on everything about Valisthea there.

Know Valisthea’s History

Vivian the Military Scholar is another NPC who knows a lot about the affairs of the countries of Valisthea. She can give lectures to Clive at various points in the story. She is very knowledgeable of Valishtea’s current state and its history and is willing to share all of that with players for those who want a review.

Glorious Eikon Battles

The latter part of the video shows a lot of combat where Clive is seen fighting various monsters, human opponents, and the Eikons. The clip also shows how Clive uses the Eikon’s abilities to his advantage like fighting against Phoenix, Titan, Shiva, Odin, Ramuh, Bahamut, and more. It even shows Eikon versus Eikon battles!

According to Game Director Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida, more details will be shared at a later date like endgame content, post-launch content, and more.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5.