Final Fantasy XVI to Get Day One Patch

Square Enix decides to change their decision for the greater good.

Square Enix has confirmed that the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XVI will be getting its day one patch.

Final Fantasy XVI Will Get Day One Patch

It was believed previously that Final Fantasy XVI did not need any pc on day one since Square Enix was confident that the game was already at its peak version. After the demo was made available for everyone to enjoy, the whole audience believed the game did not need a day one launch because it was working really well. Now, Square Enix is backing up from that decision and now will be launching a patch soon.

Fixes Progression and Crash Issues

During the pre-release live stream last Saturday, it was confirmed that the development team will be releasing a day one patch. This new update will fix progression and crash issues, as well as make performance improvements in different parts of the game.

Heavy Presence of People in One Scene Fix

Producer Naoki Yoshida said that the framerate improvements are for related scenes in the game where a lot of characters are on screen simultaneously like visiting a city. The team also listened to the feedback about motion blur and the ability to turn it off in a future update was also being planned. Future adjustment to camera movement is also going to be implemented soon.

No other fixes have been mentioned yet, but post-launch there should be more as more players might discover bugs along the way of their journeys.

Early Releases

It was previously revealed that some physical copies have already been seen online and a few individuals are already playing. Square Enix released a statement asking those early getters to stop posting videos or images online before launch.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22, 2023 on PS5. A playable demo is already available on the PlayStation Store.

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