Final Fantasy XVI Update Introduces Most Helpful Functionality

No more feeling nauseous when playing the game!

Square Enix recently released the latest Final Fantasy XVI update, adding helpful functionality that many players will appreciate.

Final Fantasy XVI is not what many Final Fantasy veterans expect it to be. It has now become a mix of action and RPG which gives it a breath of fresh air that many fans are enjoying so far. It comes with a few issues though and one of those is causing nausea while playing the game. Many players have complained about this since there are some people in the world who cannot handle motion blur. This latest update will be a godsend for them.

Final Fantasy XVI Update Offers Switching Off Motion Blur

A new post on the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy XVI revealed the changes coming with update 1.03. This allows players to reduce or completely switch off motion blur. The default setting for it has a maximum of five only.

New Camera Options

Aside from the new functionality for motion blur, new camera options will allow players to prevent it from automatically following them during movement and attack. Maximum camera sensitivity has been increased too.

New Controller Layouts

Three new controller layouts have been added. The new layouts now provide more options to choose from. Attacks and Eikon abilities can now be swapped between the shoulder buttons now. Since controls cannot be wholly remapped, this is a great option.

Other Extras

The stability of menus has been improved with this update, some text issues have been fixed, and a new hashtag will appear when sharing screenshots and videos on social media.

Overheating Still a Problem

There is still no fix for the issue of overheating the PS5 when going through a specific scene in the game in graphics mode. It could still be in development since it is quite a big problem.

Final Fantasy XVI is now available exclusively on PS5.