Fire Emblem Engage Mascot Sommie Can Be Interacted By Players

Offers various items, bonuses, and more.

Nintendo has recently shared new information about the upcoming video game Fire Emblem Engage.

In a new post on the Japanese Twitter account, it was revealed that the mascot Sommie can interact in various ways. It is still unclear if Sommie is a Guardian Deity or just another creature that has lived on the floating island of Somniel.

By interacting with Sommie, players will be able to gain some benefits in the hub or in battle.

In another post, Alear talks with Vander who reveals the secret behind Sommie. He explained that Sommie is an ancient creature that has lived on the island for a long time and appears and disappears as they like. Lady Lumera actually plays with Sommie when they were young.

The video shows the main protagonist petting Sommie. If done, they will get random resources like Bond Fragments. To make it better, the developers also lets them feed Sommie and dress them up.

Fire Emblem Engage launches on January 20, 2023 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.