Fire Emblem Engage Somniel Trailer Details the Hub

Learn what you can do inside headquarters!

Nintendo has recently released the Fire Emblem Engage Somniel trailer.

The Somniel hub is the floating castle area where players can visit and explore between battles. In this area, players can interact with various characters, items, and more. They can prepare before a battle, do other activities, and more. They can even do the popular romance activities.

In the plaza, players will be able to do various activities to prepare before a battle. Here in the plaza, they can access the armory to buy equipment and weapons. In the item shop, they can buy helpful items that can turn the tide of battle.

In the Ring Chamber, players can visit the rings that they have collected and can store them inside this vast room. They can communicate with the Emblems held within these rings. There are also various menu options to choose from like Inherit Skills, Create Bond Rings, and more.

The Arena is another location where it opens to another secret dimension. In this room, players can practice with characters in order to gain experience in preparation for the next battle.

The Tower of Trials offers various challenges for players to complete. If they do complete them, they can win in-game rewards that can be helpful in future battles. They can also create their own battle map and upload it online for other players to challenge.

Another activity players can do on Somniel is spending time with allies. Increasing the bond with characters can improve stats whenever they are nearby each other. There are various locations to visit like Café Terrace and many more. There are also some shiny items on the ground that can be used to improve the relationship with allies as gifts.

Players can also do various activities to unwind and relax. They can visit the Farmyard to take care of animals, which can reward players with helpful items. There is a mysterious animal called Sommie that can be interacted. Give it items or pet it to gain some rewards.

Visit the boutique to buy clothes and accessories that can be worn by the protagonist or other characters. Get to the courtyard to temporarily increase stats. There is also a small pond where players can catch fish, an area where certain characters can do fortune telling, and many more

Lastly is the private room where the protagonist can lie down and sleep, relax, and more.

fire emblem engage somniel hub

Fire Emblem Engage launches on January 20, 2023 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.