Fire Emblem Engage Update 2.0.0 Introduces Two Free Bonuses

Support for Fell Xenologue DLC is now installed!

Nintendo has now released Fire Emblem Engage update 2.0.0 and it now unlocks two new bonuses for players.

The latest update, v2.0.0, finally unlocks the Fell Xenologue campaign for players who have purchased the expansion pass for Fire Emblem Engage. The update also comes with two free bonuses for all players whether or not they have the expansion pass. The first bonus is a batch of enhancement items that comes in various Crystals.

Here’s the full list of Crystals:

  • 20 Avo Crystals
  • 20 Crit Crystals
  • 20 Ddg Crystals
  • 20 Def Crystals
  • 20 Dex Crystals
  • 20 Hit Crystals
  • 20 Mt Crystals
  • 20 Res Crystals
  • 20 Spd Crystals

These crystals can be used to augment Engage weapons.

The second update bonus finally unlocks the Fire Emblem Engage and Heroes collaborative content called Order of Heroes Item Set DLC. This set was first introduced to players who tried out the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes and did the collaboration event that unlocked the set early. The Order of Heroes Item Set DLC includes:

  • Alfone’s Fokvangr sword
  • Anna’s Noatun ace
  • Sharena’s Fensalir Polearm
  • Alfonse S ring
  • Anna S ring
  • Sharena S ring

Here are the full patch notes:

General Updates

  • Compatible with Wave 4 of the Expansion Pass.
  • Update Bonus has been added. You can receive items when entering the Somniel from Chapter 5 or later.
  • Collaboration content with the smartphone app “Fire Emblem Heroes” can now be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop.
    • You can receive items when entering the Somniel after downloading the data from the eShop.
    • Note that players who have already downloaded the bonuses from linking with “Fire Emblem Heroes” cannot download the content again.
  • Issues have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.
fire emblem engage update 2.0.0

Fire Emblem Engage is out now on Nintendo Switch.