Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Trailer Gets Leaked Online

The series creator was unhappy of the leak, but encouraged by community support.

The upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s movie trailer suddenly got leaked online.

The leaked trailer was posted on social media just recently. The video was heavily watermarked but has been taken down already. Still, there are still some copies online, and can be searched easily for those who want to take a look.

Series Creator Scott Cawthon went to Five Night at Freddy’s subreddit to talk about what happened. He said that he got the emails earlier but he was with his family at an amusement park and was not able to see what had happened.

“I tried to ignore it and enjoy my day, but I was really, really, disheartened,” Cawthon said. “I know that Blumhouse and Universal (and me too) have all worked very hard to make something really exciting to share. So the thought of a first-look being spoiled was frustrating, and I was really dreading coming home to see what all had happened while I was away.”

Cawthon did thank the fanbase for pulling together and pushing back against it. He was depressed about the leak, but it was encouraging the fans who resisted watching it and supporting them. He did promise that the finished product that is edited and polished with VFX and proper sounds will be worth it.

The Five Nights at Freddy’s film is planned to air in theaters on October 27, 2023.

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