Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach – Review

As Five Nights games go, this one's not bad

Steel Wool Studios
PS4, PS5, PC
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Whaddup, gamers? I’m back with a review, and this time we’re doing Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach.

The latest entry in the popular indie game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s, Security Breach puts you into the shoes of Gregory, a child that gets locked inside the brand-new Freddy’s Pizza-Plex, the latest incarnation of the infamously-haunted Fazbear Diner, where children died under various circumstances in the ’80s which had their souls and possibly their bodies as well considering the lore about the first animatronics smelling real bad. But enough about that, on with the review!

Unlike the previous entries, Security Breach’s storyline happens in only one night, but you’re given the chance to explore the whole Pizza-Plex to reach various conclusions in the story, considering the multiple endings with one having a pretty precise list of to-dos that makes me feel like it’s Cursed Castilla EX, but not as strict in requirements.

Now, with my limited playthroughs of previous entries (having played only the first FNAF and skipped the rest), I won’t be able to list much detail on how it has evolved, but I’ll do my best to point out whatever good things it has and some of the bad (to me, at least).

First off, the gameplay. It’s an exploration game with possible jumpscares around every corner, or at a later point, actively hunt you down like that annoying pimple Moondrop, making hiding inside Glamrock Freddy while keeping him well-charged is key to your survival if you wanna keep hiding in plain sight against the other animatronics who are hunting you, with the exception of the previously-mentioned Moondrop since you have to go inside a charging station to evade it.

The music in the game is good as it underlines the ambiance of being trapped inside a closed-off giant attraction with a lot of dangerous animatronics or a psychopath in a bunny suit on the loose, making you feel kind of claustrophobic even in the larger areas of the Pizza-Plex, kind of like Alien: Isolation but there’s two of you, that kind of ambient tension that feels incredibly tense as you peek out of every corner and run across, hoping you never have to meet an animatronic which could mean a quick Game Over.

The story of the game itself is enjoyable as you have a lot more narrative to work with if you’re one of those theorists piecing the entire story together, with dialogue and quick banters between characters and how, at times, the actions of the other animatronics shed light on their inner workings, and I haven’t heard about these current animatronics having the supposed “Remnant” in their insides, so their AI is probably just that advanced to the point of having personalities, which enrich the story further.

You got Montgomery Gator who did the Bonnie in to get the position of bassist and is aiming for Freddy next if you saw that Easter egg in his lair, Roxy with crippling levels of low self-esteem, and Chica… who probably needs a ton of help to not start eating trash all over again and accruing larger and larger repair fees.

As for my personal gripes on this game? I could go on explaining a few that really made me want to take a long hard sip of cold coffee before hitting continue.

First off, the mandatory charge time for the flashlight. I wound up having to go back, again and again, to recharge because of how fast it runs out. Secondly, the puzzle stage/boss battle against Moondrop. I get it that it’s a good way to get yourself intimate with the flashlight and its mechanics, but with the constant threat of a Luna-tic animatronic finding you in the dark and making you wanna rage is not my idea of a Funnular Entertainment boss fight, with finding the generators in the dark, constantly keeping the flashlight’s batteries charged and that threat, it’s a bad mix for me.

Overall, Security Breach is a good game to pick up for both seasoned fans and newcomers alike for its visuals, ambiance, and overall thrilling gameplay whose tension will keep you alert throughout the gameplay.

Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach – Review
Score Definition
When the issues of a game are rolled and stomped by its greatness, then it’s something to invest on if you have some spare.
Using Freddy usually keeps you safe against the other animatronics. Plan your excursions and memorize the placings of charging stations.
Save Points are well-placed and are strategically placed.
Charging batteries or Freddy takes a bit of time.
Planning your sneaking routes like Metal Gear is not gonna work.