Flewfie’s Adventure Out Now on Steam

It's a cute shoot 'em up... A CUTE 'EM UP!

Co-developers Valorware and Cosmic Boop have just released their new cute shoot ’em up game, Flewfie’s Adventure, on Steam!

Featuring trippy visuals and earmorm-worthy music, Flewfie’s Adventure invites players to fly across the Sticky Caramel Coves, explore the shimmering scenes of the Crystal Plains, and sneak through the murky depths of the Abadonsphere in a fully customizable UFO.

The Story So Far

Planet Cutemellow is in trouble – and Uzzu (joined by his swarm of monsters) is here to make things even worse!

In Flewfie’s Adventure, players take on the role of Flewfie, a brave kitty with nerves of steel, and a killer group of friends: Scientist Snail, Bunn Bunn, and Pinky Panda. To stop Uzzu, players will need to shoot everything that moves and solve simple puzzles along the way.

Flewfie’s Adventure Key Features

  • Packed with beautiful art and a cute cast of original character.
  • Explore 5 unique worlds to discover a variety of environment and encounter new monsters.
  • Help those in need by completing side quests across 5 different world maps.
  • Find Glop the Puzzlemaster in every level! Test your skills with intricate puzzles and obstacles.
  • Customize your UFO and Flewfie with unlockable skins hidden throughout the game.
  • Play the original card game Fyued against rescued friends – and collect 100 cards!
  • Level up your UFO throughout your journey.

Pricing and Availability

Flewfie’s Adventure is now available on PC (via Steam) for $9.74 (35% off). On September 30th, the game will return to its retail price of $14.99.

Source: Press Release

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