Fly in the House releases on Steam

Available to Buy Today!!

There’s a fly in your apartment! Hunt it down and squish it!

From the publisher who brought you Ampu-Tea, arguably the craziest game of 2014, comes Fly in the House.  Fun, wacky, crazy, addictive – call it what you want, but one thing is for sure, it is guaranteed to drive you insane!

Damn, that fly is fast! If a fly swat won’t get it, use furniture. If that doesn’t work, use anything you can find… just squish it! The more you smash, the more points you earn. Collect rankings, search for hidden objects and uncover unexpected mysteries, in this game of chaos and mayhem!

Main features
3 Levels, each with a different type of interior, each of which is fully destructible.
Collect ranks, make combos and earn points, search for hidden objects.
Play in various game modes with different types of lighting.
Single Player
Steam Achievements
Full Controller Support
Steam Trading Cards
Steam Cloud

Fly in the House is available to download via PC digital download stores today, with an SRP of $9.99 / £6.99 / 8,99€ . Look out for special launch promotions.

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