Focus Home Interactive And DONTNOD Entertainment Announces Webseries About Vampyr

Focus Home Interactive and Life Is Strange studio, DONTNOD Entertainment, has announced their weekly webseries that focuses on the development of their upcoming action RPG Vampyr.

Each episode will only span 5 minutes, and the French developer wants to invite everyone, especially its fans, to witness how they have come up with the world of Vampyr and its characters. The webseries premieres with Episode I: Making Monsters this January 18. In this first episode, we will get an exclusive look at how the monsters were chosen, created, and brought to life which you will eventually face in the game.

Here is the list of episodes for DONTNOD Entertainment’s weekly webseries:

  • Episode I: Making Monsters
  • Episode II: Architects of the Obscure
  • Episode III: Human After All
  • Episode IV: Stories From the Dark

Vampyr is set to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2018