For Honor Closed Beta File Size for the PS4 Revealed

As we all know, Ubisoft’s upcoming knights, vikings, and samurai battles will officially launch next month on February 14. Almost a week ago, Ubisoft announced the closed beta of For Honor that will happen next week on January 26 to January 29.

Since we are partnered with Ubisoft for distributing closed beta keys to players who are willing and interested to try the game out in its current build, a Ubisoft representative in Asia just confirmed that you are able to pre-load the closed beta today at 4:00PM Hong Kong Time (GMT 8+) / 3:00AM Eastern Time. I tried it out to check the code provided to us for the team if it’s already redeemable, and fortunately, it was! The closed beta’s file size of For Honor is a hefty 21GB. If you already have received a closed beta key, you may redeem the code and pre-load the game ahead of time.


Ubisoft Montreal’s new IP also features a single-player campaign, but there’s a caveat: you have to stay online. According to Ubisoft’s community representative that “Some elements of progression, which is hosted online, are shared across story and multiplayer modes. Players will need to be connected to the Internet at all times to play For Honor.” Let’s see how this plays out when the game is released. We all know Ubisoft has their fair share of technical difficulties with it comes to U-Play services, hopefully they already addressed those issues and that players wouldn’t be affected while playing the game in single-player mode.

For Honor is an upcoming online action hack and slash game from Ubisoft Montreal. Players will dive in a big battle between factions that wants to conquer and rule the lands. Who will reign supreme? The Vikings, Knights, or the brave Samurai? We’ll all find out when For Honor will launch on February 14, 2017 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.