Forspoken Cinematic Trailer is a Sight to Behold

Check out some beautiful screenshots too!

A new Forspoken cinematic trailer just got released online and it is a gorgeous piece to behold.

The latest trailer features the protagonist Frey Holland’s life in New York City and the world of Athia. It alternates in both worlds where Frey is seen running away from people after her in the streets of New York City and on Athia’s forests where she gets chased by corrupted deer. While in New York City, she hits a roadblock in the form of a fence, she finds a new way in Athia with her magic.

Both have the same struggles but one has given Frey a new way to face them. She fights them together with her new weapon, magic, and meets her struggles head-on, even if they are ferocious monsters.

Just recently, Square Enix released a playable demo of Forspoken and the feedback has been quite good so far. There are negatives, but they use those to improve the game even further.

Forspoken launches on January 24, 2023, on PS5 and PC.