Forspoken Deep Dive Magic Combat Video Released

Check out how magic spells looks!

Luminous Productions has recently released the new Forspoken Deep Dive Magic Combat video.

Forspoken Deep Dive Magic Combat Details

Protagonist Frey Holland has various magical spells that she can use in combat in fighting creatures and people that have been corrupted by the phenomenon called the Break. She can use them for defense, offense, and support.

How Magic Spells Look

The developers first shared details on how they made the look of the game’s magic different from the common look of other games. Instead of the usual magic spells that would appear out of nowhere, the developers wanted to show how the spells would start first and end. First, the spell would start with magic energy then transition into natural phenomena, and then completion, it would revert back to magic energy before completely fading away.

In Forspoken, there will be no auras or summoning circles when Frey casts a spell since according to the developer, it would lack originality. They have already established early in development that the magic energy will be represented in geometric patterns. This would give players the visual design information of the game’s magic and make them look unique.

Burst Shot

The first magic spell introduced is Burst Shot. It would fire explosive lumps of rock that would deal area damage. This is an explosive earth-based spell that would deal area damage that conjures a large rock that would appear from the ground in four directions. This is also the first spell that Frey would acquire in the game.


Cataract would conjure a vortex of water that would suck in enemies. Hold the button that conjures this spell to send out pillars of water to attack enemies. Hold the button longer and it will send pillars of icy water that freeze enemies.


Genesis will conjure barbed branches that appear in front of Frey and skewer enemies over a wide area. Hold the button to hit harder and over an even area. Hold the button longer to strike and poison enemies.

These are the three magic spells that are created for combat. Really helpful in a bind and can even the battlefield.

forspoken deep dive magic combat

Forspoken launches on January 24, 2023 for PC and PS5.