Forspoken Gameplay Features Equipment and Magic Combat

New gameplay showcases how Frey fights monsters!

Square Enix has released a new Forspoken gameplay video via IGN that features how equipment works and magic combat.

The start of the video starts with protagonist Frey Holland in a town and looking around. When she reaches the gate, she exits the town and glides down to the open world. She then goes for her menu to show the world map and the skill tree.

The skill tree reveals the different magic spells Holland can learn and upgrade with enough experience. She also looks at her equipment and uses a new red cloak and necklace to improve stats. Her nails can also improve her stats with nail art.

Afterwards, Holland goes down a cliff to look for enemies and quickly finds a group of zombies guarding one chest. She uses various spells to slowly decrease the number of enemies that are quickly trying to catch her. She then uses an area of effect spell type water to destroy the last of them and loot the chest.

Forspoken will launch on May 24, 2022 for PS5 and PC.

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