Forspoken PC Version Has Glaring Issues

Steam reviews are not looking so good right now.

Various PC players have recently posted complaints saying the Forspoken PC version has tons of problems that could disrupt their immersion.

Reviews have now been pouring in and the feedback is not that good. The gaming industry is not that impressed with Forspoken, especially with the PC version which added to the flames since its hardware requirements were rather quite steep. Aside from that, there have been complaints about said PC version on Steam, revealing that it is full of problems with the gameplay, graphics, and dialogue.

Forspoken PC Not Doing Too Hot on Steam

The Steam page of the game is filled with negative reviews right now with 46 percent of those being negative. Most of those players are complaining of them unable to run the game smoothly even though they have powerful PC rigs.

Players have complained that their systems with high-end graphics cards like RTX 3070 were having problems running the game on 1440p. Others have complained of encountering numerous crashes, some even say that there is a big difference between the fidelity shown in gameplay trailers and what they say in-game.

Many gamers are frustrated with their Forspoken PC experience after paying the full price of $70 and downloading the game with a 90 GB file size. Most of all, the game has the controversial Denuvo DRM feature, which could have affected the performance of the game.

forspoken pc

Square Enix is infamous for its PC ports having poor performance, and unfortunately, Forspoken has now joined the ranks.

Forspoken is now available on PC and PS5.