Forspoken Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Discovering Athia, a world of possibilities, might be daunting, but here are some Forspoken tips and tricks to help you make the most of your journey.

Forspoken Tips and Tricks for Beginners

The land of Athia will eventually be full of surprises for players who venture off the beaten path, so it’s nothing shameful to seek some Forspoken tips and tricks to give you an edge ahead of your playthrough.

It can be difficult to decide what to do first, as there is so much to see and experience. You’ll have to figure out some of the game’s complexities on your own, and there are other things it doesn’t even tell you about.

Having said that, let’s go into the list to assist you.

Forspoken Tips and Tricks for Beginners 2

1) Change specific settings for smoother gameplay experience

Turn on “Automatic Support Spell-Switching” in the “Gameplay Balance” settings to help you out. In this way, the game will automatically move to the next available support spell, so you won’t have to keep going back and forth between the various menus unless you want to. This allows you to put your attention where it belongs, on your active skills, making fighting a breeze.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of manually collecting everything, you can toggle “Automatic Item Gathering” under the Accessibility menu. Instead of manually picking up items, you can activate this and Frey will do it for you. This includes items that are on the ground or in chests.

Additionally, if you find the dialogues to be particularly unpleasant, you can reduce their frequency by setting the “Cuff Chat Frequency” to Minimal in the Cuff Settings.

2) Utilize Parkour in Combat, but don’t overdo it

Avoid being still in battle and make use of the synergy between your parkour magic and your combat magic. Dancing around the battlefield to gain advantageous positions and evade attacks is a must. As an added bonus, Frey’s mobility can alter the effects of certain spells; for instance, if Frey jumps while casting “Blast Slice,” the spell’s devastating area-of-effect strike will be unintentionally unleashed.

Thus, players utilizing parkour in combat should keep an eye on their stamina meter to ensure that Frey remains in fighting shape. Keep in mind that while depleting her stamina meter will not kill her, she will need to rest for some time before her stamina replenishes.

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3) Make Crafting a Habit

Forspoken also allows you to create a wide variety of consumables, from standard healing items like bandages and antidotes to more exotic creations like temporary buffs to your attack or defense.

Invest heavily in expanding your materials and medicind pouch capacity so that you can bring as much with you as possible on your travels. Use the materials you discover to improve your necklaces and cloaks as well. For a small cost of Mana, you can get access to new crafting abilities in your Skill Tree.

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4) Find all Founts of Blessing

Even though they are hard to come by, Founts of Blessing are well worth seeking out because of the powerful spells they provide that cannot be obtained through the normal progression of your character’s skill tree. Although these entail venturing off the main plot path, doing so is definitely worth it in order to get new spells, and you may even find some additional activities in the process.

5) Visit new refuges and unlock fast travel points

It’s wise to take a break and check out any nearby belfries or safe houses. You’ll gain access to a fast-travel point, heal yourself, and maybe even locate some new gear and another refuge.

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6) Prevent Fall Damage

Once “Zip” has been unlocked, pressing Square before Frey hits the ground will cause her to cast out a magical rope and pull herself into the surface, halting her fall, mitigating fall damage, and allowing you to continue charging forward without slowing down.

7) Regularly swapping spells can change outcomes

Forspoken features a unique fighting mechanism that centers around the use of several spells. Note that different enemies have varied weaknesses, even if it’s tempting to specialize in a particular spell. For Example, u sing a Fire spell on a different monster may be more effective if it is immune to the effects of the Scatter spell. So try to deal with as many different enemies as possible by rapidly switching spells during fight.

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8) Take on Spellcraft Challenges

You can assign Frey up to three active Spellcraft Challenges by interacting with the books by her bed in a Refuge. Each challenge grants a unique benefit to that spell, usually increasing its damage, and raises Frey’s overall power in that Color of spell by one, making them by far the finest way to strengthen the power of Frey’s spells.

9) Complete Locked Labyrinths

Mini-dungeons you can choose to explore, Locked Labyrinths typically have treasures worth your time and effort. Fight your way through the tests inside to level up your Mana, get powerful new abilities, and equip Frey with the best gear possible. Boss fights are the ultimate objective of these multi-room combat scenarios. Since, in our experience, they provide a plethora of healing items, it should be possible to survive the onslaught of opponents until you reach the bosses, so long as you deal enough damage.

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10) Convert back Mana and Respec your Spells

Frey’s skill trees allow you to access a wide variety of spells, but you may not always like what you get. You can get a refund on Mana spent on spells by converting them back into Mana. This is possible for any spell you buy that isn’t required, and the swap is fair so you won’t lose any Mana if you change your mind. To convert back your Mana, simply select a spell from the Magic menu, and then press and hold the Convert prompt.

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11) Pay Attention to Ornate Puzzle Chests

Keep an eye out for Ornate Puzzle Chests, especially in Athia and the various dungeons, as they are well worth pursuing as they can be exchanged for “Old Coins,” a special currency that can be brought back to Cipal and spent at the Book Shop (which provides additional perks) and the Cat Lover (sells toys for feline companions).

12) Exlpore everything Athia has to offer

While some aspects of Athia may not be crucial to Frey’s journeys, the yearning to discover new places remains a continuous companion. Certain areas of Athia are inaccessible without specialized traversal skills, but you should explore anywhere you can go. You will have access to new necklaces and cloaks, and you may find some uncommon crafting resources along the path.

Keep in mind that any icons in the open world that indicate “Stat Increase,” such as Monuments, Forts, and many others, should be given top priority. Increasing one of three stats through these activities will make Frey’s fights far less taxing, allowing you more time to devote to the game’s other open-world activities.

That’s some of our Forspoken Tips and Tricks for Beginners. If you like this guide, you can check out our other Forspoken articles here.

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