Forspoken Worlds Collide Trailer Revealed at State of Play 2022

New gameplay trailer!

Square Enix has official released the new Forspoken Worlds Collide trailer during the State of Play 2022 broadcast.

The World Collide trailer features new gameplay footage focusing on protagonist Frey Holland fighting against enemies in the land of Athia. It shows players a glimpse of the beautiful yet deadly enemies that they will encounter and the magical powers that Frey could unleash on them.

The video shows Frey’s newfound confidence as she rises to the challenge to save Athia and its people. She also explores this unfamiliar world that she got mysteriously transported to. Players get a close look at her powerful magic that she learns along her journey. These include Storm Dart and Eagre.

Forspoken launches on October 11, 2022 for PS5 and PC via Steam, Microsoft Store and Epic Games store.