Fortnite Ali-A to Icon Series; Zuri Joins

Ali-A to join soon with two more characters already available.

fortnite ali-a

Epic Games have announced Fortnite Ali-A and Zuri joining.

The first on the list is the leader of the Ali-A Army and he joins the Icon Series. He will be joining the Item Shop starting Thursday, May 19, 2022 at 8 PM ET. Players can also unlock a special Spray before his set appears in the Item Shop. Join the Ali-A Cup on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, for a chance to unlock the Ali-A Outfit early and the Ali-A Army Emoticon.

Players can join the underground arena on Ali-A Island by dropping there and get to the entrance where a figure of Ali-A is there. At the entrance, weapons will be available.

fortnite ali-a

When Fortnite v20.40 launches, a new Ali-A themed Quest will be available until May 29, 2022 at 7:59 PM ET. Players must defeat 25 opponents at the Ali-A Experience to complete the quest and unlock the Ali-A Was Here Spray. Island code is 5135-8778-2901.

fortnite ali-a

There are various armor types to check out from the Ali-A Army, which are Default, Elevated, Matroix, and Ultra-Armor Matroix.

fortnite ali-a

Another set of armor types are Sapphire Paragon, Sapphire Paragon (Revealed), Titanium Tac, and Titanium Tac (Revealed).

The Matroiox, Ultra-Armor Matroix, Sapphire, Sapphire Paragon, Sapphire Paragon (Revealed), Titanium Tac, and Titanium Tac (Revealed) Styles have Rare Reaper, Uncommon Combat, Epic Insurgent, and Legendarian color options.

fortnite ali-a

Aside from the Ali-A Outfit, the set will include the Ali-Tech Backplate Back Bling, Ali-Tech Plasmawings alt Style, and the Ali-Tech Plasmawings Glider, which will be built into the Outfit. The Shop also have the Ali-Tech Staff Pickaxe, The Blue A Wrap, and the Lil’ Diplodoculus Emote.

The Ali-A Cup will happen on May 18, 2022 and will have ultimate prize of unlocking the Ali-A Oufit plus the Ali-Tech Backplate Back Bling before it will be available in the Item Shop. Earn eight points too to unlock the Ali-A Emoticon.

Check out the match placement:

Victory Royale: 25 Points
2nd: 22 Points
3rd: 20 Points
4th: 18 Points
5th: 17 Points
6th: 16 Points
7th: 15 Points
8th: 14 Points
9th: 13 Points
10th: 12 Points
11th: 11 Points
12th: 10 Points
13th: 9 Points
14th: 8 Points
15th: 7 Points
16th: 6 Points
17th: 5 Points
18th – 19th: 4 Points
20th – 21st: 3 Points
22nd – 23rd: 2 Points
24th – 25th: 1 Point

Each Elimination 

1 Point

Furthermore, Zuri has joined Fortnite and the new Outfit is now available in the Item Shop. The Ring General Set includes the Zuri Outfit, Enchanted Featherfighters Back Bling, Empowered Dha Pickaxe, and Best in the Ring Loading Screen.

fortnite robocop

Last Saturday, Robocop joined Fortnite as well. The Outfit includes the LEG-209 Back Bling, and the leg of ED 209 is used as the Pickaxe. The Lil’ ED-209 Emote is also available in the Shop.

Fortnite is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, and Nintendo Switch.