Fortnite Grapple Glove Gets Added as New Feature

Also new balance changes implemented.

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Epic Games has recently released a new Hotfix which adds the new Fortnite Grapple Glove giving them the ability to “swing in”.

Fortnite Grapple Glove Now Here

Update hotfix v21.00 was recently implemented and it released the new item called the Grapple Glove. With this new item, players can now swing through the air and traverse the battlefield easily. Just shoot the grappling hook at a hard surface like a cliff, prop, or building. Each successive swing gets faster until the third swing and beyond, which will get players at max speed.

fortnite grapple glove

Players who miss and land on the ground will get a short window of time to shoot the grappling hook again. They will have a longer window if they slide out of a swing, so a combination would be a great idea. The cooldown is also short, so no worries.

The Fortnite Grapple Gloves can be found in the Grapple Glove Toolboxes located at the pink Grapple stops that are all over the Island.

Balance Changes

There are a few balance changes as well. Check them out below:

Two-Shot Shotgun – Increased the pellet damage, minimum pellet count, accuracy, and max damage cap of the Two-Shot Shotgun.

Hammer Assault Rifle – Reduced the recoil of the Hammer Assault Rifle.

Combat SMG – Reduced the damage of the Combat SMG.

Striker Burst Rifle – Increased the first-bullet recoil of the Striker Burst Rifle and reduced the damage of the Striker Burst Rifle.

Competitive Notes

  • The Grapple Glove had reduced charges in competitive playlists and is immediately available.

Fortnite is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Android.

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