Fortnite: How to Refer a Friend

Fortnite is giving away free skins to players who refer their friends over. The system is still in its Beta version but that’s not stopping the many Fortnite players who are going out of their way to get their friends to play the game with them and earn some sweet rewards that would only cost them one friend.

Fortnite keeps rolling out a lot of weekly updates amid its ongoing Season 8 content to keep things fresh for everyone. I’m sure that all the players are having fun with all the crossovers going on such as Dune, Resident Evil, and many more. However, while V-Bucks skins are fun and all, it’s the free stuff that really gets players going.

Fortnite Refer A Friend

Players can invite their friends over to play some games with them in Fortnite and complete challenges. The referrers and the referees must be in a match together in order for the challenges to count. There’s a program website that the referrers need to register on in order to participate in this limited-time program. Referees are also able to register on the website if they would like to see their own progression towards the challenges, it is entirely optional.

Qualifications for Fortnite Refer A Friend

To qualify for the Refer A Friend program in Fortnite then the referee (friend) must be someone who is an existing player that has played less than 120 minutes (three hours) of Fortnite Battle Royale in the last 30 days or is an entirely new player.

It’s important to note that participating in the program as a referee will not be able to participate as a referrer and vice versa.

How to Sign Up for Fortnite Refer A Friend

Here’s how to sign up for the program:

  • Pay a visit to the Refer A Friend website.
  • Just log in to the Epic Games account that you would like to use.
  • Click on the Add A Friend Button.
  • Select the friend you’d like to invite. In the event no one is listed you can always use the search bar to look for the friend.
  • Alternatively, you can also invite new players by giving them a referral code. Just click the Share Invite button.
  • Copy the link or just hit the Copy Link button and share the code with your friend.
  • Once your friend accepts the invite, go and play some matches together and complete the challenges.

Rewards for Fortnite Refer A Friend

The referrer and the referee must also be friends in-game in order to be a part of the program.

Add a Friend
Gridlock Loading Screen
Playing a game with that Friend
Miridescent Weapon Wrap
Eliminating 10 Opponents with that Friend
Drive Shaft Pickaxe
Placing in the top 10 three times with that Friend
Flair Fare Glider
You and your friend gain 60 career levels each after starting the program
Rainbow Racer Skin

It’s important to note that all rewards can only be earned once even if the referrer can play with up to five different referees.

End Date for Fortnite Refer A Friend

The registration of friends will last until November 14, 11:59 PM ET but doing the challenges will last until January 10, 2022. So players better get their friends to come on board soon before the rewards go away.

That about covers the guide for referring your friends over to play Fortnite with you. For more guides on Fortnite you can check out our guides on getting a broomstick, collecting candy, and more here.