Fortnite The Oracle Speaks – How to Complete all Dark Jonesy Quests

Dark Jonesy's Tour de Fortnitemare

This is the season for spookiness as Fortnite’s Fortnitemare even is upon us. This time we’re going to be tackling a quest that will have us talking to our dear old friend, Dark Jonesy. Dark Jonesy has lost his vision, so he will have us players do a few things for him. Doing so will unlock the Cube Cruiser Glider, which is a rideable unfolded Cube.

Fortnite Cube Glider

Where is Dark Jonesy in Fortnite?

In order to start the quest, players will need to find Dark Jonesy near the wreckage at Steamy Stacks. You can find Steamy Stacks in the northeast part of the map. It is best to aim for that area when you get off the battle bus. There’s a limit of having only five active quests at a time so it’s best to make sure we have room for it before we deploy.

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How to Complete all Dark Jonesy Quests

  1. Collect Scrolls at different IO Bases
  2. Use a Shadow Stone, then recover the Spirit Vessel
  3. Touch a Cube
  4. Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all Corruption Fragments
  5. Return the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle and hear his vision

Do take note that for the second and fourth quests all you need to do is click them to check out the pages that give details on how to finish them.

Fortnite Dark Jonesy punchard: Collect Scrolls at Different IO Bases

So the first challenge that we get from Dark Jonesy is having to collect two scrolls from different IO bases. The bases in question have the following locations: south of Holly Hedges, Corny Crops, southwest of Sludgy Swamp, to the east of Pleasant Park, on the mountain to the southwest of Misty Meadows, north of Dirty Docks, and to the southeast of the center of the map.

Fortnite Dark Jonesy Quest: Touch a Cube

This is an easy one. So first we need to get to The Convergence and touch one of the cubes around the area, especially the big yellow one. It might take a bit of time for the notification to pop that the objective is done but give it some time and “touch” other cubes while you’re at it.

Fortnite Dark Jonesy Quest: Return the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle and Hear His Vision

For the last part, all you have to do is take the Spirit Vessel back to Dark Jonesy, go through all the dialogue, and hear his ominous vision. You can listen to it for some extra Fortnite lore or ignore it completely especially if enemies are nearby.

Once all that’s done you can claim your new glider and be on your way to getting more XP for your battle pass.

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