Fortnite Nitro Drifter locations, how to drift and boost

Where to find the newest vehicle Nitro Drifter in Fortnite

Fortnite Nitro Drifter cover

The Fortnite Nitro Drifter is one of the newest vehicles to be added during Chapter 4 Season 2: Mega. It is a 4-wheeled vehicle that can take up to four players drifting around the new battlefield.

Read ahead as we share all the locations of the Nitro Drifter in Fortnite.

Fortnite Nitro Drifter Spawn Locations

The Nitro Drifters can be found on the lower southwest half of the map and are usually parked just outside on the streets. The best location where you can find plenty of them are in the Drift Ridge race track north of Mega City. Other good spots to find them would be in the streets of Mega City and at Slappy Shores. There are a couple more to be found in Steamy Springs and Kenjutsu Crossing, while there are a sparse few parked in the outskirts of Frenzy Fields.

This vehicle can carry a full squad of four and it has the ability to boost and even drift. Be aware that the car itself is not that tanky and it can only take a couple of hits before it breaks down.

How to drift and boost with the Nitro Drifter

There is a quest tied to the Nitro Drifter which requires you to destroy objects while drifting or boosting with the vehicle. It’s a quest that pays out a good amount of XP and is also easy to complete.

To pull a drift, simply hold the drift button and turn the car to the direction that you want to drift to. The drift button should be Spacebar for PC, L1 for Playstation, and LB for Xbox.

To do a boost, you will need to fill up your boost meter first by pulling off a drift, then pressing on the drift button again to start the boost.

To complete the quest, you will have to destroy at least 25 breakable objects while either drifting or boosting with the Nitro Drifter. Once done, you will be rewarded with 12,000 XP.

Check out this video by HarryNinetyFour showing where to find a Nitro Drifter in Fortnite: