Fortnite Spirit Vessel Locations Guide – How to Recover and Return the Spirit Vessel

Where and how to recover the Spirit Vessel using a Shadow Stone and return it to the Oracle in Fortnite

It’s almost Halloween and Fortnite’s Fortnitemare event is upon us. The 2nd and 5th quests in Dark Jonesy punchcard in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 are recovering the Spirit Vessel with a Shadow Stone and returning the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle.

This time we’re going to be tackling a quest that will have us talking to our dear old friend, Dark Jonesy. Dark Jonesy has lost his vision, so he will have the player do a few things for him, one of them finding something called a Shadow Stone and then recovering a Spirit Vessel. Doing so will unlock the Cube Cruiser Glider, which is a rideable unfolded Cube.

Where to Find the Shadow Stone

For the second part of the quest, players will need to find a Shadow Stone. These are cubes that glow in purple and they’re needed for interacting with the Spirit Vessel. Shadow Stones are littered in many places, especially the alien crash sites. In this guide, we recommend the mountain west of Dirty Docks. Pick up the Shadow Stone to become a ghostly figure and look for the Spirit Vessel.

Fortnite Shadow Stones

Where to Find the Spirit Vessel

There are two places the Spirit Vessel can be found and it is highlighted as a gray vase with purple markings. You can find the vases at the:

  1. Northwest section of Weeping Woods
  2. Western part of Dirty Docks

It makes no difference which location you pick so choose the one that’s most convenient for you.

Players need to make sure that they have the Shadow Stone or else they can’t do anything with the Spirit Vessel. Once you successfully interact with the Spirit Vessel you can then continue with Dark Jonesy’s questline.

Spirit Vessel

The next part of the quest has players “Touch a Cube”.

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