Frogwares Unveils The Sinking City 2

In an exclusive collaboration with Microsoft’s 2024 Spring Showcase, Frogwares proudly reveals The Sinking City 2, a game that marks a significant departure for the developer into the realms of horror gaming.

Set against the haunting backdrop of Lovecraftian 1920s United States, The Sinking City 2 plunges players into the eerie city of Arkham, now besieged by a supernatural flood that has unleashed decay and Eldritch monsters on its once-hallowed streets. Brace yourself for a survival-horror experience, where nightmarish abominations lurk around every corner, the city transforms with rising waters, and dark mysteries beckon the intrepid player. This installment features a standalone story distinct from its predecessor.

Game Features:

  • Fight to Survive: Arm yourself with an arsenal of 1920s-inspired firearms and melee weapons to combat Eldritch-inspired horrors.
  • Explore The Decaying City of Arkham: Navigate a semi-open world of decaying mansions, flooded markets, and abandoned hospitals. Watch as floodwaters alter the landscape, reshaping locations as you progress.
  • Find and Use What You Can: Scavenge for limited resources, manage a finite inventory, and make strategic choices about what to bring and what to leave behind.
  • Choose to Investigate Further: Engage in optional puzzles to delve deeper into your surroundings, uncovering secrets, alternate options, and additional lore.
  • A Twisted Lovecraftian Tale: Immerse yourself in a morally grey and captivating narrative centered around the Lovecraft mythos, featuring cults, mutant creatures, and incomprehensible gods.

New Genre and Unreal Engine 5

Frogwares takes a bold step towards a “horror-first” focus, emphasizing combat, exploration, and the Lovecraftian setting and story. The studio embraces Unreal Engine 5, leveraging the engine’s technological advancements to elevate the gaming experience.

Sergiy Oganesyan, Publishing Director at Frogwares, notes, “We want to keep delivering what people love about us—story-rich experiences—while evolving with the changing industry. It’s exciting but risky, and we’re ready to take bolder moves to secure the studio’s future.”

Be a Detective Only If You So Choose

The Sinking City 2 retains Frogwares’ hallmark detective feature, but this time, it’s entirely optional. Players can decide when and where to engage in sleuthing activities, offering gameplay bonuses and eureka moments for those who embrace the investigative side. Denys Chebotarov, Executive Producer at Frogwares, emphasizes accessibility features for players not keen on combat and survival-horror mechanics.

As War Still Rages, Frogwares Turns to Community

In the midst of Ukraine’s ongoing state of war, Frogwares turns to Kickstarter to create a safety net for the studio and enhance features for The Sinking City 2. Wael Amr, CEO of Frogwares, expresses the need for financial support amid uncertainties, drawing on past experiences during the development of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened. The Kickstarter campaign, set to launch soon, aims to provide backers with exclusive insights and the opportunity to support Frogwares during these challenging times.

For now, eager fans can sign up on Kickstarter to stay informed about the upcoming campaign and contribute to The Sinking City 2’s success.

Source: Press Release