Frogworld VR Game Now Available on SteamVR and Oculus

Game studio NatureSims recently announced a brand-new VR series with its first VR title Frogworld.

The upcoming new game will be part of a series of compelling nature simulations designed exclusively for VR. It is now currently available in Early Access and compatible with SteamVR and Oculus.

Players will be challenged to play and experience in the daily life of a common bullfrog that is struggling to survive against the dangers of the world. Avoid getting eaten by predators, stay away from mankind, and just eat insects to get satisfied.

Frogworld is an immersive VR game set across 3 levels with a duration of about 45-60 minutes of play. Each level offers a unique environment, predators and obstacles. Our planet is warming, ecosystems are collapsing, and we may already be in the midst of the sixth great mass extinction on Earth, with tens of thousands of species threatened. The new series of VR titles beginning with Frogworld aims to put focus on these pressing global issues through realistic, interactive VR experiences.

Frogworld is the story of a common bullfrog trying to survive a polluted environment; the very water in which you live is becoming poisonous to the touch. To live another day, you will need to find a new, healthier ecosystem. The creek in which you live is home to many natural predators and other obstacles, challenges which you must face on your journey to find a new home. Hunt for flies – jump, crawl, and swim to escape unexpected dangers. It’s a big day for a little frog and only you can make a difference by helping the little guy to a healthier home. The game is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels.

Source: Press Release

Here’s the trailer: