Frozen Synapse Prime: Now available on Android and Google Play

Frozen Synapse Prime

Double Eleven are pleased to announce that their critically acclaimed remake of Frozen Synapse, Frozen Synapse Prime (Prime) is now available on Google Play!

For those new to the game, Prime is an asynchronous turn-based strategy game that allows players to take on multiple matches simultaneously. It features a rich single player campaign set within a dystopian future, where players take on the role of a tactician to a resistance group attempting to prevent an evil corporation from taking over a city. Players control an elite strike team of futuristic soldiers, from shotgunners and snipers to grenadiers and machine gunners.

In Prime, players go head to head with the AI; both teams plot paths and issue orders to their squad members, creating a plan on a turn-by-turn basis. They can simulate the plan before committing to it but players then commit to them fully; this is called “Priming” a turn. Both plans are then played out on procedural, 3D, destructible and customizable battlefields and the resulting combat ensues!

Prime also contains features to help players improve their planning and performance including; 3D cameras that provide a better perspective for planning and dynamic cinematic replays so players can re-watch their matches, analyse their planning post-battle and enhance their strategy for future matches. Prime also includes playable tutorials, tailored to the needs of both the seasoned strategy pro and the tactics novice.

Prime is now available for purchase on Google Play, and is coming soon to other stores.