G.Ground Allows Gamers to Playtest Unreleased Games

A new online platform was recently announced called G.Ground, which allows gamers around the world a chance to playtest unreleased games.

With this new platform, gamers can now play upcoming games and also give feedback to the developers so that they can use it for development. It has now launched in pre-alpha and invited players to register and gain access to a curated and exclusive selection of titles. More news and activities are coming to the platform when full launch comes in 2021.

Playtesters will be able to gain access to a lot of unreleased games from developers all over the world and more titles going up weekly. These titles will stay available for four weeks, which allows players to choose what they would like to play or just watch content creators try it out with their broadcasts. After playing the games, they can then write reviews and fill out surveys to ensure their feedback is taken into account by the studios and publishers.

G.Round lets players impact all stages of game development via their opinions. By providing feedback directly through the G.Round platform and Discord server, playtesters will help development teams and publishers understand what they’re doing right and how they can improve their games.

“This is an opportunity for players to check out awesome games and take action to help them see the light of day,” said Rick Nahm, Co-founder and COO at G.Round. “We hope G.Round will be a place for gamers to enjoy curated fantastic games, provide productive feedback and be part of a journey in helping more talented teams and games succeed.”

Source: Press Release