Valve Currently Developing New Games According to Gabe Newell


Valve Co-Founder and CEO Gabe Newell recently talked with media outlet 1 News in an interview and shared something exciting.

Newell revealed that the game company is currently working on more games. Aside from the launch of Half-Life Alyx, there seems to be plans for more single-player games.

The CEO credited Alyx for “rejuvenating the studio’s excitement when it comes to releasing games.” It seems the recently released game gave the studio inspiration to do more projects now.

Newell did not divulge the names of the titles being developed right now. He did not give in to pressure when asked repeatedly for this.

The new games did get some code names and one of those is Citadel.

“We have a bunch of code names — are you referring to a code name?” said Newell. “I don’t know what ‘Citadel’ is — what is Citadel? Just to be clear — internally we have a bunch of different names and they change over time.”

Valve should be able to reveal more details later on.

Source: 1 News via DualShockers