Steam New Feature Involving PS Controllers To Be Added Soon

PlayStation controllers finally getting a proper support feature.

Valve has announced that Steam will be getting a new feature that will notify players if a game supports PS controllers soon.

The game company behind Steam has recently revealed in its developer-focused blog post that the PC platform will be getting new support for PlayStation DualSense and DualShock controllers soon. When one connects either PS controller on a desktop or laptop, this will clearly list on the story and library pages starting in October 2023.

It was also revealed that of the 87 million Steam users who have played a game using a controller at least once, around 27 percent of those use either the PS4’s DualShock or the PS5’s DualSense. It is small but these players exist.

Developers have been asked to complete a questionnaire to cater for this small group of users. This will automatically rate a game’s DualShock or DualSense compatibility based on the answers given. These answers will then base the store-page guide for players to read on before connecting their favorite controllers to play the games.

“Once game developers have had a chance to review the new controller-support questionnaire and enter updated controller support,” Valve explains, “we’ll start showing players this new information.”

Starting on October 2023, there will be an update on Steam that will add icons and messages that will show when these PS controllers are supported by a game and to what degree. This will make it easier to look for games with PS controller support when searching, to see when a game in its existing library offers support, and to see when a game requires a controller to play.

No word yet when Valve will introduce these changes. It only says soon.