GameStop Black Friday Sale Includes Glacier White PS4 Pro

GameStop retail store

Black Friday is around the corner and many retailers are already promoting their deals. Included in those is GameStop with their own awesome deal for a PlayStation 4 Pro.

GameStop has awesome console deal

With GameStop joining the discount deals race with their own unique deal: a discount on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Specifically, the console that has a great discount is a beautiful Glacier White PS4 Pro. From Nov. 24 to Dec. 2, GameStop will have the Glacier White PS4 Pro with heavily-discounted price of $299.99 only from $399.99. The only hitch in this deal is that there are limited quantities, so better get them before it is too late.

The retail store’s Black Friday sale will offer discounts on other systems as well. Several games and accessories will be on sale like a number of colorful DualShock 4 controllers will be available for only $38.99. PlayStation Hits games will sell for $9.99 only. There are two different PlayStation VR bundle plans as well.

There are also deals for the Xbox console. Xbox One system bundles and game sales are included. Controllers will have a $10 price reduction.

A decorative bag will be on sale too for only $4.99. Anything that can fit in the bag will receive a 25 percent mark down, that is if they can fit everything in it. This deal will include apparel and collectibles only like clothes, toys, drinkware, boardgames, and statues. Hardware accessories, hardware, and games will be excluded unfortunately.

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