Gaming Industry Donates Cash to Ukraine to Provide Humanitarian Relief

Several gaming companies share donations.

Several gaming companies have recently donated a lot of cash to Ukraine in efforts to provide humanitarian relief.

The makers of This War of Mine, Polish developer 11 Bit Studios have recently donated 3m PLN (£520k). On its Facebook page, their message was clear and simple: “#FuckTheWar”.

In previous posts, the game studio did say they were going to donate all of the proceeds from the sale of anti-war game This War of Mine over the past week to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

“Your support gathered for Ukraine warms our hearts, but we still need you, please, do not stop. Buy This War of Mine anywhere and support victims of war in Ukraine.”

There are also other game companies that have shared the same sentiment in the past few days as well. They have raised fundraising drives and shared donations to Ukraine as well like Unity, Ubisoft, CD Projekt RED, and Embracer.

Just recently more game developers donated as well. Swedish game studio Fatshark, the makers of Warhammer Vermintide 2 donated 300K SEK (more or less £25k) to the Red Cross. Quantic Dream, makers of Heavy Rain, donated $75K to the UN Refugee Agency. Supercell has donated $1 million for humanitarian relief.

The Pokemon Company, makers of the Pokemon game series, have also stated in a press release they have made an immediate donation of $200K to their partners at GlobalGiving to provide humanitarian relief.

More and more companies from the game industry have banded together and shared funds in order to help Ukraine’s innocent civilians.