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How to solve Banbaleena's questions in Garten of Banban 2

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Banbaleena plays as a kindergarten teacher in Garten of Banban 2. While in her class, she will ask questions about the lesson for the day. But wrong answers are not welcome in Banbaleena’s class as students who get the answers wrong will get a fatal end.

Read ahead as we share the solutions to all of Banbaleena’s questions in Garten of Banban 2.

How to answer Banbaleena’s questions

To answer her questions, you simply have to press the tape players in front of the “students” and it will play out their answers. You will only be able to pay the ones that are on the current table that you are seated in.

You will first start at the unpopular kids’ table, then to the cool kids’ table, then the mean kids’ table divided by a lunch break and a second break, respectively.

The solutions to each of the questions are shared below, along with the solution on how to solve the puzzles during the breaks.

Question #1

Question: What is 6874123612 + 981939912?

Answer: Press the REALLY Smart Kid.

Question #2

Question: What is 2 + 2?

Answer: Press the Smart Kid.

Question #3

Question: What is misery + disappointment?

Answer: Press the Dramatic Kid.

Lunch Break

Get 5 gum from the playground, then place all of them on the plate by the basketballs to get the dollar bill. Then place the dollar bill by the bowling pins to get the watering can. Then place the watering can by the plate next to the other watering cans. This will open up the cabinet where you can grab the glasses so that you can sit next to the cool kids.

Question #4

Question: How hot is the sun?

Answer: Press the Popular Kid.

Question #5

Question: How many hearts does an octopus have?

Answer: Press the Sealife Lover.

Question #6

Question: The 5 sense are sight, smell, taste, touch, and …

Answer: Press the Loud Kid.

Second Break

Collect 5 dollar bills from the playground, then place them all at the plate beside the bowling pin. This will open another cabinet where you can get a bowling pin.

Question #7

Question: Give me a example of an unkind person.

Answer: Press the Unkind Money Taker.

Question #8

Question: Give me a example of an KIND person.

Answer: Press the Pain Giver.

After answering the eighth question, you will finally get the opportunity to escape the classroom.

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