Garten of Banban 2 Ending Explained

What Garten of Banban 2's ending implies and what can be expected in the Garten of Banban 3?

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Garten of Banban 2 is the sequel to the game of the same name where players find themselves playing the role of a parent who is trying to find their missing kid in a daycare. This daycare is not an ordinary daycare since it touts itself as one that has animatronic puppets who help take care of the kids. However, this daycare is just a façade of a much more sinister operation hidden beneath its building.

Banban’s Kindergarten and the Mysterious Facility

Following the story of the first game, you, the parent protagonist, find yourself down the what was supposed to be the ballpit where your kid and the rest of the kids in the kindergarten last played in. This pit is just part of what appears to be a massive facility constructed deep beneath the daycare.

As you journey through the facilities, you will meet a couple more of the animatronic puppets such as Banbaleena and Nabnab who are just as dangerous after going rogue for some unknown reason. You will also find out more about the origins of these puppets and the experiments that have been done to living beings such as humans and animals that led to these creations.

The kids’ fate and the Monsters

Similar to the first game, you don’t have much clues to go on aside from the notes and drawings that your kid presumably left behind, along with the other notes and data logs left by the researchers of the facility. Although they don’t really reveal the fate of your kid, these notes have been helpful in pointing you to the right direction and give you an idea on who or what to expect ahead.

One of the notes that you will find in the facility is a drawing of your kid showing that they have been “saved” by the nice jellyfish, referring to the puppet Stinger Flynn. However, a case report that can be found in the platforms room has a QR code on it that, when scanned, just gives you the warning “Do not trust the jellyfish!”

Another line that corroborates this warning is from Banban when you meet him once more. He warns you that the kids have been taken to someone that is far stronger than both of you. It was not made clear if he is referring to Stinger Flynn or if the jellyfish is actually working with this particular someone for reasons that we can only imagine as gruesome and sinister. Banban also shares that he needs something from the unconscious you, hence the abduction and suggests that you cooperate with him to save the children.

Garten of Banban 2 Ending

The game ends as you take the elevator that Banban has suggested. However, as you descend, you see another warning scribbled on the wall of the elevator shaft telling you to not go down. You also see Slow Seline looking down at you from the room you were just at.

Garten of Banban 2 ends with another cliffhanger. It still left some of the lingering questions unanswered and it also brought up new ones. There are notes that gave clarity to Opila Bird’s intention and as to why the kids were unharmed when they were with it. Helpful as he may seem, Banban’s intentions are still unclear whether or not he’s acting under his own motives or if he is sincere with his efforts to rescue the kids.

And as to what or who Banban was referring to, this is something that we will have to wait for the next game or two to answer. Could it be the same giant monster dubbed as Zolphius that we had a non-hostile encounter on within the atrium? We will just have to wait and figure out once the third game comes out this year.

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