Nintendo Hacker Gary Bowser Finally Sentenced to Serve Over Three Years in Prison

One down, two more to go.

The infamous Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser has finally been sentenced to serve over three years in jail and will also have to pay fines in millions of dollars.

Bowser, the guy who worked for hacking group Team Xecuter and made millions from the sale of devices that could hack the Nintendo Switch console and play pirated video games, has been sentenced to serve jail time for 40 months. This ruling was possible after Bowser and US prosecutors petitioned for a more lenient and heavier jail stretches.

The US government wanted Bowser to serve five years while Bowser’s lawyers asked for 19 months. The end result was over three years instead.

With his guilt accepted and agreeing to pay $4.5 million USD fine, Bowser is now ready for prison. It seems Nintendo also has their own civil lawsuit against him with him also accepting the fine as well, which is a whopping $10 million USD.

The US government wanted Bowser to serve a longer sentence since it was a high profile case. They wanted to give a warning to others who wanted to follow his footsteps.

Bowser’s two accomplices, Max Louarn and Yuanning Chen is still at large. The US government is still looking to prosecute the both of them.