Genshin Impact 3.5 Breezy Snapshots Event Guide

Breezy Snapshots - Genshin Impact - feature

Breezy Snapshots is one of the three mini-games that players can play in the new event, Windblume’s Breath for Genshin Impact 3.5. Although this game is fun and exciting, it tests the accuracy of players in photography, and in this guide, players will learn how to play it while also listing the rewards you can earn from clearing it, so read on.

How to Unlock the Breezy Snapshots

In order to play this minigame, players must first complete the quest A Gathering of Outlanders. After that, you can track the minigame’s progress in the quest log and head to Monstadt, where you’ll find Fassben.

How to Play the Breezy Snapshots Mini-Game

Players won’t learn how the minigame is played until they’ve spoken with Fassben. Each day, he’ll have you get your Kamera and head to a new spot in the game to snap a photo.

In total, there will be three rounds, although they will be added over the course of the next few days. When the minimap is opened, the player will see the Kamera icons that indicate the way to proceed.

When players arrive in the designated area, they must set up the Kamera and switch to photo mode before they may begin using their skills. Get everything down pat or they’ll have to try again.

Breezy Snapshots Rewards

Each snapshot that was taken properly with all the requirements will earn big rewards for players. Below are all the rewards that players can get from this mini-game:

  • Primogems
  • Festive Tickets
  • Mora
  • Hero’s Wit

That’s how to play the Breezy Snapshots in Genshin Impact. If you like this guide, be sure to check out our other Genshin Impact-related articles here.

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