Genshin Impact Character Possibly Getting New Form Soon?!

The White Crane is getting a new look?

New information suggests that one of the popular characters in Genshin Impact will be getting a new form in the near future.

Genshin Impact’s Sassy and Genius Adeptus

There are various NPCs in Genshin Impact that contribute to its interesting story as important characters to meet and sometimes fight. Each region has its own important individuals to encounter along the journey and one of them is the Adeptus called Cloud Retainer which takes a form of a white crane with blue, gold, and black plumage. She has some red markings under her eyes that look similar to two other characters named Zhongli and Xiao.

Many have speculated that just like Zhongli, this sassy Adeptus had a different form that would let her blend with human society from time to time. It seems Madam Cloud Retainer is getting a new makeover in human form soon if the leaks are to be believed.

Cloud Retainer in Human Form?!

Reddit user applesauce0101 has recently uploaded an image that they got from the website NGA revealing specific details. It said that the information was about the Lantern Rite promotional video where the Cloud Retainer was seen. They translated the contents of the original source revealing that the Cloud Retainer in human form is featured in the event. This is a popular annual event on the Chinese New Year and is usually held in the game’s Liyue region, a vast Chinese-inspired land.

The image text describes the Cloud Retainer as a tall female character with glasses with a “tsundere” vibe. While many fans have speculated that she would be playable if she had a human form, this leak firmly says she stays as an NPC. She apparently uses the Cryo element just like her students, Ganyu and Shenhe. She wears the same outfit as Shenhe but her back has a pattern in the shape of a bird, possibly her wings (the translation here is a bit bad, unfortunately), and has a ponytail for hair. It seems she behaves gracefully and innocently just like the many encounters with the players within the story.

Do you believe this leak? Just like many fans out there, I do really hope that the Cloud Retainer would get her own human form and maybe in the future could become playable. HoYoVerse does have a record of doing very random things and implementing them in the game, and one of them could be this wild idea. It would definitely bring them more fans to the fold and possibly even earn them more money in the future via merchandise, for example.

Still, take this with a grain of salt for now.

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Genshin Impact is now available on PC, mobile devices, PS4 and PS5.