Genshin Impact New Character Teaser Features Albedo

A new character teaser for popular online video game Genshin Impact has been released featuring the upcoming character.

The new teaser features the next character to be included in the lineup, Albedo. He is the Knights of Favonius’ Investigation Team Captain, and his skills in painting and alchemy. The official website has already added some of his Combat Talents.

Albedo’s weapon of choice is the sword with the vision of Geo and constellation of Princeps Cretaceus. His first talent is the Solar Isotoma that is created by alchemy, which deals AoE Geo damage on nearby enemies. There are specific intervals in which the enemies hit within Solar Isotama field will cause the talent to generate Transient Blossoms, which deals AoE Geo damage to the enemy based on Albedo’s defense.

Another ability of the Solara Isotoma is to make a crystallized platform that lifts Albedo to a certain height. Finally, his Tectonic Tide is the deal breaker. Its crystallized Geo energy bursts forth at his command and deals AoE Geo damage in front of him.

Genshin Impact is already available on PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile platforms. Update 1.2 will add Dragonspine and Albedo this coming December 23.

Source: Official Website

Here’s the character teaser: